Viscom 4

What We Achieved


Practiced with established tools to grasp a better understanding on how to use it to fix up Renderings
Used to Create Renders after 3D modeling for prototyping or high fidelity Renders
Exploring new tools in to see how it might affect the future design world

Camera Series

Collection of work starting from AI ideations, to quickly modeling with extrusions and then putting on a toon material to get a good idea on how it might function. Started off rendering with the focus of materials and lighting, Moved onto placing it in a studio, in-situ, and finally playing with different colorways.

Weekly Progress

Week 1

Photoshop Mashing Images together to create quick ideations. The focus was to learn as much as possible this week

Week 2

Quickly sketching objects then Grabbing different materials and mashing together to create overlays exploring both grayscale and color

Week 3

Designing simple objects and then rendering them in Keyshot, while practicing placing labels on the products

Week 4

Practiice CMF after refining the previous weeks design. Focused on surfaces and other smaller details

Week 5

Play around with AI and then using photoshop to clean things up to gather different ideas and produce more ideations

Week 7

Create simple forms to render and try finding interesting compositions for the forms that show details off well

Week 8

Creating a new product then putting it in an environment created in CAD

Week 9

quickly creating forms as a way of ideation and then using one of the chosen designs to further make better.

Week 14

Practice CMF while playing around with interesting compositions. Trying to bring everything learned together.